L - R
Chris #2 - Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Justin Sane - Vocals/Bass
Pat Thetic - Drums


Pittsburgh’s Anti-Flag play a brand of punk rock as gritty as their hometown. After forming in 1994, these boys took the punk scene by storm with their debut release, Die For The Government. With their intense live shows and punk-as-fuck records, Anti-Flag have not looked back. These Iron City rockers mesh ’77 streetpunk with a heavy dose of socially conscious lyrics. Their message is vehemently anti-fascist, anti-war, and anti-nationalist. They call for participation from both sexes and unity in the punk scene. They, however, are not good at ping-pong.

Anti-Flag’s latest FAT release, The Terror State, is their most heralded record yet and is loaded with powerful information on how to smash the state! These boys are touring demons so look for them in your town soon!

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