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05Nov, 2009
Exclusive DEAD TO ME MYSPACE album premier and a free MP3!

MYSPACE.COM is currently premiering the new full length from DEAD TO ME titled AFRICAN ELEPHANTS out on November 10th. Click here to hear it and here to pre-order your very own copy! Since we love all this DTM activity, we decided to give away a free MP3 to coincide with the album premier. We are pleased to present “A Day Without A War”. Click here to get it now!

A few words from Chicken on *DTM*’s recent activities:

Dead To Me has been on tour for the last couple weeks, having a blast playing and partying all over the country. We played THE FEST 8 in Gainesville on Halloween and it was probably the funnest show we’ve ever played. I was playing bass while crowd surfing, Ian was getting bear hugs while trying to play drums and Nathan had to play while being outsung by sweaty girls that kept hogging his microphone. We’re super excited to be playing the songs off our new record “African Elephants” and we cant wait for the record release show in San Francisco with Grant Hart from the mighty Husker Du. Thanks to all the kids who have been coming out to sing along and jump around. Up the punx!

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Check out DTM in INKED Magazine.

DEAD TO ME tour dates!

Read a DTM interview on by going here

03Nov, 2009
Pre-order DEAD TO ME and THE FLATLINERS right now!

It’s a double whammy today with two pre-orders going live. DEAD TO ME and THE FLATLINERS share not only the November 10th release date but their love of limited edition color vinyl! THE FLATLINERS, 7” will be available on two different colors but you’ll have to go see them live with The Dropkick Murphys to get the yellow version. Otherwise, its maroon through our mail order and once supplies run out, its back to black. Click here to get it on vinyl or digitally.

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Next up, DEAD TO ME’s, African Elephants! Their brand new full length is available for pre-order and can be procured for a limited time on blue vinyl! Click here to order it on CD, LP or digitally. Click here to hear the first MP3 titled “Modern Muse” and check back soon as we’ll be debuting the second MP3 titled “A Day Without A War” this week! Don’t miss DEAD TO ME live by going here.

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27Oct, 2009
The Lawrence Arms, Buttsweat and Tears out today!

The Lawrence Arms, release Buttsweat and Tears today and you can order it on vinyl or digitally via ITUNES by clicking here! Currently, SPIN.COM is debuting “Demons” which you can download for free by going here. Check out The Lawrence Arms only tour of 2009 below with fellow label mates, Teenage Bottlerocket. Curious what Brendan Kelly would put on a mix tape? Click here to check it out.

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See them live:

11/05/09 – Scottsdale, AZ Chasers W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/06/09 – San Diego, CA The Casbah W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/07/09 – West Hollywood, CA Troubadour W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/08/09 – Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/09/09 – San Luis Obispo, CA Downtown Brew W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/10/09 – Stockton, CA The Plea For Peace Center W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/11/09 – San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill W/ Teenage Bottlerocket
11/12/09 – San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill W/ Teenage Bottlerocket

Check out this brand new review!

Alternative Press reviewed this fine EP, click here to read it!

26Oct, 2009

The Lawrence Arms, celebrated their 10 year anniversary with a hometown show at the Metro in Chicago this past Saturday. The sold out event came with limited edition posters, vinyl and a film crew. Check out what Brendan had to say by clicking here. SPIN is currently debuting a brand new MP3 from TLA which you can only hear right here! The song is titled “DEMONS” and will only be available to those who purchase the EP digitally. Brendan Kelly of TLA has written a very detailed blog about the release which you find in its entirety here but we’ve included a wee part of it below. Enjoy!

Okay, so usually I like Bad Sandwich to be a bit of a respite from punk rock…a place to come read about dick jokes and pussy farts and just kind of escape the mindless claptrap surrounding Taking Back Sunday, Dan Yemin and Justin Sane and Davy Havok and Tom Delonge and all that. Right? Sure. It’s never been about the music here, folks. It’s always been about the felching. That’s our motto, at least.

SO, today is where I break form completely. I’m in a band. Some of you probably know all about this. We’re called the Lawrence Arms, and while we’re not as popular as, say, Eric Clapton, we’re a lot more popular than, say, your band (unless you’re in the Alkaline Trio or Against Me! [and even then you’re still mondo gay]), AND we’re coming out with a record called Buttsweat and Tears on Fat Wreck Chords next week. In the spirit of promoting said release, is putting a free download of one of the songs on the internet. The song is called Demons and I think it’s pretty cool.

We made this the focus track because it’s the bonus song that’s not on the vinyl version and only available on itunes and we figured that we shouldn’t penalize the people who were cool enough to buy the 7” by giving them one less song. Everyone should be able to have the five songs if they want em, right? Right. So yeah. We decided to pass out the bonus track for free because we’re cooler than all other bands. That’s right, other bands, we’re talking about you. Nice haricuts. Sweet matching outfits. Nice sustainable careers. Bleh…

Stupid bands.

Alternative Press reviewed this fine EP, click here to read it!

Lastly, don’t miss THE LAWRENCE ARMS only tour of 2009, click here!

Pre-Order Buttsweat and Tears here

23Oct, 2009
Fat Wreck Chords WRECKTROSPECTIVE Out Nov. 24!!

After nearly 20 years of churning out nonstop hit records we figured it was high time to take on the daunting task of putting together a Fat Wreck Chords box set. Why? Well, besides the fact that we love a challenge, we realized that with over 280 releases and a roster that reads like a hall of fame list, it was probably long overdue. So, over the past few months we here at Fat engaged in many long discussions, heated debates, and, ultimately, an office mud wrestling match (which Floyd won, of course), in order to determine a track list that we thought was worthy of representing Fat. And we don’t mind saying that we did a damn good job. The box set is called Wrecktrospective (get it?) and it contains 3 discs. The first disc is a greatest hits of Fat, featuring 33 bands. The second disc features 28 previously unreleased demos. Finally, the third disc is the extremely limited Fat Club 7" series in it’s entirety, previously unavailable on cd. Just to sweeten the pot, there is a fold out poster included and a bevy of entertaining stories provided by the bands. All in all, you’d be crazy not to pick this thing up.

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And if 88 songs aren’t enough for you, we will have Short Music For Short People on color vinyl available soon. 101 30 second songs never before on color vinyl.

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