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24Nov, 2009
NOFX, Cokie The Clown out today! Pre-order the Fat Wrecktrospective right now!

Release day is finally upon us for NOFX’s Cokie The Clown and you can get yours by clicking here! Just to recap, this EP/7”x2 will be available on cd/vinyl and digitally. This release has five brand new songs by NOFX released on one CD and split up on two different 7”s. The CD EP is titled Cokie the Clown. The first 7” is also titled Cokie the Clown, go here for details! The second 7” is titled My Orphan Year, click here for details. If you missed the new NOFX video, don’t delay and click here to be grateful you were nowhere near this clown!

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Another stellar review of Cokie The Clown, click here to read it!

Want to win some NOFX loot? Click here to enter.

Click here to check out NOFX tour dates.

Pre-order the Fat Wrecktrospective right now!

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19Nov, 2009
Exclusive NOFX EP premiere on MYSPACE!

I know we’re all agog for the new NOFX EP and the wait is over! MySpace has an exclusive premiere streaming right now, click here to give it a listen. The NOFX EP comes out on November 24th and you can pre-order it right now by going here. If you missed Fat Mike prancing around Chicago blasting unsuspecting friends with white powder, fear not as we’ve got it for you to view below.

Read a review of Cokie The Clown by clicking here!

Check out the remaining NOFX tour dates <a href= target="_blank">here.

Click here to read an interview with Fat Mike.

16Nov, 2009
NOFX Cokie The Clown video premiere and pre-order!

As I’ve mentioned, we have Mike’s alter ego “Cokie The Clown” running amuck and you can watch him in action by checking out the exclusive Myspace video premiere of “Cokie The Clown” by clicking here!

We have begun our pre-order for their new EP. This EP/7” x2 will be available on cd/vinyl and digitally and is five brand new songs by NOFX released on one CD and split up on two different 7”s. Click here for details of Cokie the Clown and here for My Orphan Year. Don’t wait as both 7” come in colored vinyl while supplies last.

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12Nov, 2009
NOFX Cokie The Clown Combo Deal

Every time I look at the cover of Cokie The Clown I think of the book “IT” by Stephen King. The clown in “IT” is diabolical and pure evil and to this day, I can’t walk by a sewer plate without a nervous glance. Mike’s alter ego, Cokie isn’t evil but as he describes in this new interview with Alternative Press he is mean and likes to have fun squirting white powder from his big plastic flower at unsuspecting targets…Can anyone guess who this bummed out punk rocker is? The video will be ready soon but until then, you will have to settle on buying this package deal where you too can walk around frightening people. Take a look at our Limited Edition NOFX t-shirt combo deal with both the cd and the vinyl. Keep your eyes peeled for the pre-order next week and maybe that cool video I was talking about.

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10Nov, 2009
New Dead To Me and Flatliners out today!

DEAD TO ME and THE FLATLINERS both have releases out today on this fine Tuesday. First up, Dead To Me release African Elephants and its available on LP, CD and digitally by going here. AOL Spinner is currently hosting a full album stream and you can click here to check it out. DTM will perform “Cruel World” acoustically this Friday on Live 105 on The No Name Show at 6AM PST, If you are an early riser, click here to listen live. If you live in the Bay Area, be sure to check out their record release show on Friday at Thee Parkside. Dead To Me recently played the Fest, check out their performance captured by National Underground by clicking here and if you stick around for the second song, you can listen to Chris from The Flatliners lend a hand with the vocals.

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San Francisco Weekly makes Dead To Me’s “A Day Without A War” MP3 of the day! Click here to check it out.

Dead To Me tour dates! Click here to enter a DTM contest.

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The Flatliners, release a brand new 7” titled Cynics today which you can buy on vinyl or digitally by clicking here. Check out a new song off Cynics titled “Filthy Habits” by going here! The Flatliners just announced Australian tour dates, go here to take a look. Hungry for a full length from these lads? Not to fret as they are almost finished putting the final touches on their record due out 2010. Don’t believe us? Check out what Chris from The Flatliners had to say:


Fuck yeah everybody! The day is upon us! Our brand new Cynics 7" comes out today, and we’re streaming the single “Filthy Habits” on our myspace page as we speak (type/read) so go and check that shit out.


OR! Just come out to a Dropkick Murphys/Flatliners show this month in Canada and buy it on yellow vinyl. Hell yeah!

We’re very excited to have this thing out for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy. Special thanks to Fat Mike and Chad Williams at Fat Wreck for putting this together with us, Richard Minino (aka Horsebites) for putting together some incredible artwork for this, and of course the illustrious Steve Rizun for recording our songs and making sure they actually sound good. Our hats go off to you gentlemen.

If you’re wondering what’s happening with our new album, we managed to buy ourselves some time before turning the thing in, so we’re going to take full advantage and record some more songs before the end of the year to add to the mix. With no solid release date known yet, I can say that it will be out sometime in early 2010. I hope that vague-ish news gets you stoked!

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