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10Feb, 2006
Stream Oh! Calcutta!, cool contest too!

The pride of Wrigleyville, The Lawrence Arms will be offering a new song every day on their MySpace page starting now. Today’s tune is “Cut It Up”, which is believed to be a tribute to the venerable trade of barbering. Totally awesome. But you won’t need to leave the meaning of these songs up to our intepretation because you can win the band’s original lyric sheets and a copy of Oh! Calcutta! on colored vinyl over at It’s like a contest and shit. 12 different winners, but most importantly, be sure to visit TLA’s MySpace page every day to hear a new song. Their new e-card is out and about now too. Kirk out.

03Feb, 2006
Fat webstore back, TLO on sale now!

Words cannot describe the pain we had to endure to get our online store back up and running. Actually, the words cocksuckingmotherfuckinggoddamsonsabitches kinda sum it up. But we’re over that, k? Feel free to order away, and you can now order with PayPal, so get rad on that thing.

We’re starting the new store off right, and you can now buy The Loved Ones new record, Keep Your Heart. You get a free TLO sticker with your order too. Hot damn, what a comeback!

19Jan, 2006
NOFX announces EP and new album!

Their new EP, Never Trust A Hippy, is coming March 14th and we got some cover art and a tracklisting for you to check out. 2 of these 6 songs will be appearing later on their full length, Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing, which is coming out April 18th.

To set the record straight regarding the upcoming Wolves album, it’s 18 songs, about 35 minutes, there are NOT any hip-hop beats, nor is it influenced by Cream or whatever. Members of the NOFX 7" Club might recognize a few songs, but they are different versions. Check back often to get the straight dope on the new record, a secret SF show, mp3s, etc.

17Jan, 2006
See and hear The Lawrence Arms’ Oh! Calcutta!

TLA’s new record Oh! Calcutta! comes out March 7th and those nerds will be setting down their latest manuscripts to join NOFX on tour. The Great American Novel can wait, doodz. In an even crazier move, starting February 9th they will be streaming a new song from Oh! Calcutta! each day on their MySpace page. That gives all of you enough time to learn the new record for the big tour. Brilliant!

11Jan, 2006
SF’s Dead To Me joins Fat roster!

Fat has added yet another new band to our ranks: Dead To Me from our very own San Francisco. Just when you thought the tech industry drove out all the punk bands! These guys have been playing packed shows around town for the last year and they boast a member of Western Addiction and two of the dudes from One Man Army. They blend dirty punk rock with the ‘77 sound OMA was known best for. Think Dillinger Four meets The Clash. They’ve got some shows coming up with the Utters and The Briefs and you can check out some songs they’ve demo’d at their Myspace page. Expect them to have a record out by Summer. Yay for Ian. Now shave your ass.

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