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26Jul, 2017
Western Addiction Video Premiere: HONEYCREEPER

Concise and texturally rich, Western Addiction’s savage new video for their latest single, “Honeycreeper,” is out today! Head to BrooklynVegan for the premiere, and a track by track breakdown of their latest full-length, Tremulous. Then, head over to Spotify to listen to the album in its entirety. East Coasters, ready yourself, because Western Addiction will be playing a few dates this week with label-mates, Night Birds! Don’t miss them!

21Jul, 2017
No Use For A Name- Song + Pre-Order Now!

Buckle up! We are only three weeks away from the August 11th release of No Use For A Name’s fantastic covers album, Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers, which collects all of the band’s FAT-era cover songs, all remastered. Today, head to Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming service to listen to No Use’s take of the classic Misfits song, “Hybrid Moments.” Even better, you can pre-order the digital album from iTunes or Bandcamp and you’ll immediately get an instant download of the track! We’re also offering up a classic No Use For A Name T-Shirt design, bundled with the colored vinyl (if you choose). The shirt is a design from the Leche Con Carne -era, which is the starting point on the NUFAN timeline for the cover songs on this album. Grab it while you can; we aren’t making a ton of them. Don’t forget, you can also pick the vinyl up through our European webstore and our Australian webstore!

21Jul, 2017
New Useless ID Video!

Israeli punks Useless ID kick off their European tour next month! To ready for the tour, the band filmed a video for “How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb,” a song written about living in a State always at war. Today, Visions Magazine is hosting the premiere, and you can watch it here! If you haven’t yet checked out their back-to-the-roots hardcore punk record, State Is Burning, do it now! Read what the band had to say about the song and video below:

Yotam: “At the time the song was written, there were sirens and alerts constantly going off in Tel Aviv where I was living. Try imagining a life where at any given moment, you need to stop what you’re doing and head to the nearest bomb shelter. I personally found myself crammed in the back of a thrift store by where Ishay lived with several strangers, when one of the alerts went off.”

Ishay: “The situation at home is sometimes so frustrating that it seems like a hotbed of conflict and anger for everyone involved. These things affect and change people’s lives, and we address these feelings in our song. We feel that the lyrics and the images of the video connect strongly.”

20Jul, 2017
Fat at Brakrock Ecofest! Limited Flexi Pack!

We’re heading to Duffel, Belgium, for Brakrock Ecofest on Saturday August 5th! It’s a one day festival featuring tons of Fat Wreck Chords bands. Good Riddance, face to face, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Real McKenzies, Chixdiggit, Useless ID, PEARS, and Get Dead are all playing this year! We’ll be there selling merch and music all day. We’re making a super limited 7” flexi-pack just for the festival. Come see us early, before it sells out. If you can’t make it to Brakrock, we’ll be at Punk Rock Holiday the entire next week!

14Jul, 2017
Teenage Bottlerocket – Stealing the Covers– out today!

Teenage Bottlerocket’s kick-ass new album, Stealing the Covers, is out today! Head here to listen to the entire album on your favored digital service. This album was a long time coming for the band. As described by vocalist/guitarist Ray Carlisle, “This was Brandon’s idea well over a decade ago. I’m sure wherever he is, he’s stoked we finally pulled it off.” We at FAT couldn’t be happier to have Teenage Bottlerocket back, and the privilege of releasing this innovative album. Curious to read how they chose the bands for this release? Head over to New Noise Magazine to read a track-by-track rundown from bassist Miguel Chen. Then, scope out a new review, and if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, you can do so here! Also available today, along with the new album of cover songs, the band recorded a 7"— Goin’ Back to Wyo—with two brand new TBR originals! Don’t forget to catch them on tour, where they’ll be jumping continents all year long. Party!

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