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24Oct, 2014
Strung Out celebrate the 20th anniversary of their classic first album Another Day In Paradise by performing the full album on December 13th in San Diego, tickets here!

23Oct, 2014
Boston! The Flatliners have to cancel their show at Great Scott tonight. Read their statement here.

23Oct, 2014
Read a new interview with Joey Cape from Lagwagon over at Dyingscene.

21Oct, 2014
The Dirty Nil get quite the write up over at Innocent Words!

21Oct, 2014
Smoke or Fire are playing their only show in 2014! Grab a 12 pack and don’t miss it!

21Oct, 2014
Read a new review of CJ RAMONE’s latest, Understand Me?

20Oct, 2014
Get your questions ready because Bill Stevenson from the Descendents will be doing a “We’ll Do It Live Session” tomorrow on Punknews from 8-9PM EST.

17Oct, 2014
Masked Intruder played Glasgow! Read about it.

17Oct, 2014
Check out a killer CJ RAMONE review over at New Noise Mag.

16Oct, 2014
We released Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners solo LP this week! Read this review to see how awesome it is!

15Oct, 2014
Anti Flag talk touring, politics, and plans for the future in this new interview with Big Bombo Punk!

14Oct, 2014
Here’s Less Than Jake’s latest tour journal entry! When you are done reading that head here to ask them some questions!

14Oct, 2014
Less Than Jake are off and running in Canada now! They’ll be posting a tour diary every day!

13Oct, 2014
Bad Cop/Bad Cop added a few Southern California dates.

10Oct, 2014
The Dwarves are heading to Australia next week! Check the dates here.

09Oct, 2014
LESS THAN JAKE just kicked off their tour in Tacoma, WA-check the dates and read this show review to see what you are missing!

07Oct, 2014
LESS THAN JAKE are co-headlining with Yellowcard in the UK & EU in 2015. Check the dates here!

07Oct, 2014
Find out which 2 movies you need to put together to make Anti-Flag in this interview with Pat Thetic.

06Oct, 2014
Less Than Jake kick off their massive Canadian tour-read a new interview and GET THERE!

03Oct, 2014
We’re cutting out early today to drink beer since it’s so hot in SF this week. We’ll leave you with this review of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes from Razorcake!

02Oct, 2014
Less Than Jake survived the ska bust by never actually being a ska band. Read a new interview with singer, Chris DeMakes, here!

02Oct, 2014
Descendents rocked Pomona alongside OFF! and The Bombpops earlier in the week!

01Oct, 2014
Achtung Deutschländers! Here’s a new review for CJ Ramone’s Understand Me? 7"!

30Sep, 2014
Spike Slawson and Joey Cape of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes talk Riot Fest and Getting Booed Off Stage.

29Sep, 2014
The rumors are true! The Real McKenzies have begun recording a new album at Motor Studios in San Francisco!

26Sep, 2014
Nice Masked Intruder review at the Scene Point Blank site!

25Sep, 2014
New interview with Russ Rankin from Good Riddance where he discusses activism, recording a new record and WHAT’s on his iPod!

24Sep, 2014
The Flatliners added more dates after their tour with Hot Water Music!

23Sep, 2014
Read a new interview with Bill Stevenson of the Descendents here!

22Sep, 2014
Masked Intruder won over Lucerne, Switzerland!

19Sep, 2014
Good Riddance show report from last week in Long Beach!

19Sep, 2014
Alternative Press knows what’s up! STRUNG OUT made their “Bands You Absolutely Must Watch At Riot Fest” list. Check it out here!

18Sep, 2014
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are heading to the UK this December with The Skints. Tickets are just 10 quid thanks to Jägermeister so grab them fast!

16Sep, 2014
Another killer review for The Dirty Nil 7"!

11Sep, 2014
The Real McKenzies are headed to Motor Studios to record some new songs and are touring down the West Coast for the first time in years! Go see ’em!

11Sep, 2014
Joey Cape stops by Earwolf to chat about One Week Records and play some tunes!

11Sep, 2014
Check out a full Good Riddance live show!

10Sep, 2014
Anti-Flag is heading to Riot Fest Chicago and are playing a few shows along the way. Check the dates here!

09Sep, 2014
Masked Intruder have new tour dates in November-check them out here!

08Sep, 2014
If anyone was ever curious as to what Milo from Descendents went to college for, check out this science journal write up on him here

08Sep, 2014
Australia! MORNING GLORY tour starts tomorrow!

05Sep, 2014
CJ Ramone is playing The Donots 20th anniversary show on December 13th!

04Sep, 2014
Head here to win two guest list spots to your Canadian show of choice with Less Than Jake!

03Sep, 2014
CJ Ramone is in Brazil. Here’s a review of a recent show there!

02Sep, 2014
Go watch this interview with Masked Intruder on beardedpunk.com!

02Sep, 2014
Read a new review of Anti-Flag’s retrospective, A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013.

28Aug, 2014
Killer reviews of Mad Caddies Dirty Rice and Masked Intruder’s M.I.

27Aug, 2014
Teenage Bottlerocket talk about American Deutsch Bag and Warped Tour!

27Aug, 2014
Strung Out was just added to Riot Fest in Denver!

26Aug, 2014
Mad Caddies added a few California dates in October! Dates here.

25Aug, 2014
Anti-Flag gets Belgian crowd to chant ‘Hands Up; Don’t Shoot’ during concert.

22Aug, 2014
Masked Intruder are touring Europe! Lock up your museums!

21Aug, 2014
Mad Caddies have a few dates in California before heading to Europe!

21Aug, 2014
Crushing it. Check out this stellar review of The Dirty Nil’s Cinnamon b/w Guided By Vices!

20Aug, 2014
Useless ID skipped their soundcheck to perform an acoustic version of “New Misery” in Munich. Watch it here!

19Aug, 2014
NOFX proved punk is still alive with a sold out show in Paris with Lagwagon and Implants.

18Aug, 2014
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are number 1 on Star FM in Berlin!

15Aug, 2014
KJ from Chixdiggit stopped by Exclaim! TV in Canada!

14Aug, 2014
Throwback review of Lagwagon Trashed!

14Aug, 2014
Heads up! Grab your tickets to Riot Fest’s after party on September 12th at the Double Door with ANTI-FLAG & BAD RELIGION!

13Aug, 2014
toyGuitar just announced a few California shows! GET THERE.

12Aug, 2014
Straight Up people, we need your help to get Me First and The Gimme Gimmes to number one, vote HERE!

11Aug, 2014
Read a new interview with vocalist Chris Demakes from Less Than Jake here!

08Aug, 2014
Dillinger Four is playing Denver tomorrow! Get there!

07Aug, 2014
Floridians! WAKE & BAKE with LESS THAN JAKE

06Aug, 2014
Stealing hearts and breaking laws one city at a time. Read this new Masked Intruder interview!

05Aug, 2014
The Copyrights, No Knocks gets another great review! Don’t miss them on tour.

04Aug, 2014
Here’s the complete oral history of MotoXXX. The motocross company owned by Erik Sandin of NOFX and Jordan Burns of Strung Out.

01Aug, 2014
New interview with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes!

31Jul, 2014
The folks in Innsbruck, Austria give the Mad Caddies latest, Dirty Rice a killer review!

30Jul, 2014
Night Birds are slightly invading Europe now.

28Jul, 2014
Europe, get stoked! Bad Cop/ Bad Cop is set to tour there this August!!

25Jul, 2014
Punkworldviews posted some cool photos of Old Man Markley playing in Salt Lake City!

25Jul, 2014
The Copyrights received a pretty sweet review from Punknews.

25Jul, 2014
Useless ID posted an update about their upcoming Euro shows. Stay safe fellas!

24Jul, 2014
Read a new review of Anti-Flag’s Document of Dissent, then check their upcoming tour dates here!

23Jul, 2014
Watch Get Dead perform a couple songs acoustically, then grab a copy of their latest release, Bygones here!

22Jul, 2014
What do punk rockers and craft brewers have in common? Apparently a lot! Check out Champion Brewery getting cozy with NOFX and Against Me!

21Jul, 2014
NOFX reflect on 20 years of Punk In Drublic in this Alternative Press piece!

18Jul, 2014
Less Than Jake get interviewed by a fan, read it here!

17Jul, 2014
Mad Caddies Dirty Rice get’s another killer review! What are you waiting for? Grab it here!

16Jul, 2014
Old Man Markley have a few more dates before hitting the Capay Tomato Festival! Don’t throw tomato’s at them!

15Jul, 2014
Watch a new interview with Spike Slawson from UKE-HUNT here!

14Jul, 2014
GOOD RIDDANCE just added a couple of California dates! GET THERE!!!

11Jul, 2014
Head here to bid on some cool stuff we donated to the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless at Riot Fest.

10Jul, 2014
The Flatliners are on tour! Don’t miss them.

09Jul, 2014
Less Than Jake’s latest release, Do The Math gets a stellar review!

08Jul, 2014
Here’s a rad interview where Masked Intruder critique other masked cultural icons!

07Jul, 2014
Check out this acoustic session Get Dead did in Spain!

03Jul, 2014
It’s that time again! The annual Dillinger Fourth of July shows start tomorrow! We wish we lived in the Twin Cities this weekend!

02Jul, 2014
The Dirty Nil are hitting the road this weekend! Don’t miss them.

01Jul, 2014
Two for Tuesday from Jaded In Chicago! First up an interview with Banner Pilot! Then scope out a review of the new Masked Intruder!

01Jul, 2014
We’ll be at the second installment of the Bay Area Record Fair (BARF) this September. Check out their write up in the SF Weekly!

27Jun, 2014
Check out Officer Bradford in the recent issue of Alt Press! Then read this 5 star review of the new Masked Intruder album in Dying Scene!

26Jun, 2014
Sam, singer of GET DEAD gives the run down of city dwelling in San Jose, CA.

25Jun, 2014
Old Man Markley rescheduled tonight’s Chicago show to July 14th! Catch them out on the road now!

25Jun, 2014
CANADA! LAGWAGON just added two dates in August!

24Jun, 2014
Denver! Dillinger Four is coming for you!

23Jun, 2014
USELESS ID is heading to Europe this August. Don’t miss it!

20Jun, 2014
Anti-Flag are hitting the road in Europe! Chris #2 gave us a playlist of travelin’ songs!