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01Sep, 2015
Read an interview with Zach Quinn of PEARS about signing to Fat, touring and more. Then catch them live with TBR this month!

01Sep, 2015
Check out some photos and a write up from our 25th Anniversary party in San Francisco on Buffablog!

01Sep, 2015
London’s Toxic Online has a nice review of The Flatliners’ Division Of Spoils

31Aug, 2015
CJ Ramone is heading to California!

28Aug, 2015
Here’s a write up and photo gallery from Fat Wrecked For 25 Years in San Francisco!

27Aug, 2015
Watch this Lagwagon interview on Wheelers Weekend Jams!

22Aug, 2015
New Orleans punks PEARS are featured in their local weekly’s music section.

21Aug, 2015
The local paper is talking about us and talked to our co-owner Erin!

21Aug, 2015
Less Than Jake are headed to Australia and Vinnie talks about the tour here.

20Aug, 2015
Tired of looking at photos of the Fat 25 Tour? Well, we don’t care.

19Aug, 2015
Joey Cape talks shop with Hear Nebraska before Lagwagon rips it up in Omaha tonight.

18Aug, 2015
Billboard magazine did a feature on Fat! That pretty much means we’re as big as N.W.A now, right?

18Aug, 2015
Our portly prez, Fat Mike, picks his top 25 Fat albums of all time.

17Aug, 2015
Check out this write-up with loads of killer pics from the Fat Tour stop in Boston.

14Aug, 2015
Our friends at iTunes are helping us celebrate our 25th anniversary with a feature on the front page of their rock store. What’s in it for you? All the albums featured are on sale for $7.99!

14Aug, 2015
CJ Ramone gets involved in a real Havana Affair

13Aug, 2015
Chris Cresswell and Damian Abraham of Fucked Up go deep on topics ranging from growing up punk to inadvertently eating acid-laced KFC, on the latest Turned Out a Punk podcast.

12Aug, 2015
KJ from Chixdiggit! again proves that he’s a pretty funny guy… for a Canadian anyway.

11Aug, 2015
Useless ID find acclaim with The Lost Broken Bones

10Aug, 2015
CJ Ramone just announced a few shows with The Damned!

07Aug, 2015
Less Than Jake will be joining Reel Big Fish on tour in Australia this October!

06Aug, 2015
Fat Mike talks about his 10 favorite Fat records with Noisey!

04Aug, 2015
Chris Cresswell covered Walking Is Still Honest by Against Me!

04Aug, 2015
Fat Wrecked For 25 Years starts Thursday! Head to AbsolutePunk and enter to win some free tickets!

03Aug, 2015
Good Riddance are off to Australia and New Zealand! Show them a good time!

03Aug, 2015
Masked Intruder will be on Punknews at 5pm PST answering all your questions!

03Aug, 2015
Wanna go to the Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour for free? Substream Magazine is giving away tickets!

31Jul, 2015
Ever wonder what our bands favorite Fat Wreck releases are? Wonder no more! We asked them for you! First up is Useless ID!

30Jul, 2015
Fat Mike Reflects on 25 Years of ‘Quality Punk Rock’ with Exclaim!

30Jul, 2015
LondonFuse has an in depth interview with Fat Wreck Chords Co-Founder Erin! “Fat Wrecked For 25 Years” kicks off next week!

30Jul, 2015
Havana Affair! Here is a CJ Ramone interview straight out of Cuba!

29Jul, 2015
Dying Scene has a Q&A with Swingin Utters, The Flatliners, toyGuitar and Bad Cop / Bad Cop!

29Jul, 2015
toyGuitar stopped by Punks In Vegas for a quick stripped down session!

27Jul, 2015
Masked Intruder and The Copyrights are hitting the road this fall. Substream has a teaser!

24Jul, 2015
Swingin’ Utters talk with Yellowscene! Catch them on the entire Fat Wrecked For 25 Years tour!

22Jul, 2015
Here’s the second New Noise Magazine tour journal from Get Dead. They’ve got a bunch of dates left! Don’t miss out!

22Jul, 2015
Toxic Online gives Useless ID The Lost Broken Bones an excellent review!

22Jul, 2015
PEARS Go To Prison review on Mass Movement !

21Jul, 2015
Jason from Western Addiction and former Fat employee picks his top 11 Fat releases for Team Rock!

21Jul, 2015
Get Dead is on tour in Europe! They just checked in with New Noise Magazine!

21Jul, 2015
Fat Mike discusses celebrating 25 Years of Fat Wreck Chords with Diffuser Magazine!

20Jul, 2015
We’re loving this acoustic version of Lagwagon’s “Obsolete Absolute” that Joey Cape just released!

17Jul, 2015
Hey San Francisco! Catch Spike from the Gimme Gimmes and Uke-Hunt live on The Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart before Stuart becomes the Broke-Ass Mayor of San Francisco!

16Jul, 2015
Good Riddance is heading to New Zealand soon! Under The Radar NZ asked Russ Rankin his 5 favorite Good Riddance songs!

15Jul, 2015
Night Birds just told us about a free show they are playing on July 26th! It’s free! You have no reason not to go!

14Jul, 2015
Get the beers ready. Mad Caddies are heading to Europe in August!

13Jul, 2015
Ever wanted to see Chuck from Good Riddance do the moonwalk? Now’s your chance in this interview on Yell! Magazine.

09Jul, 2015
Get Dead are heading to Europe tomorrow! Don’t miss them out there!

08Jul, 2015
Punks in Vegas has a Stripped Down Session with PEARS!

08Jul, 2015
Killer review for Lagwagon’s Hang on Scene Point Blank! Don’t miss them on the Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour next month!

07Jul, 2015
Read this interview with Brian from Night Birds. They’ll be playing Asbury Surf Music Festival this weekend!

06Jul, 2015
Miss D4th of July? Head here to check out some photos from the weekend!

02Jul, 2015
We just got word that Smoke or Fire is playing in Chicago! You lucky dogs!

02Jul, 2015
Less Than Jake did an acoustic live session. Watch one of the video’s now!

01Jul, 2015
Check out a new interview with Erin Burkett, co-owner of Fat, on 25 Years of Fat Wreck Chords!

30Jun, 2015
Here’s a Spanish interview with Good Riddance in We Live In Hell magazine. VĂ¡monos!

29Jun, 2015
Bad Cop/Bad Cop gets a shout out for their song Sugarcane which tackles the issue of domestic violence.

29Jun, 2015
Joey Cape just announced a One Week Records September tour.

29Jun, 2015
Read this show review of the first show of the NOFX UK tour with Lagwagon and Alkaline Trio. Go see one of the remaining six shows!

27Jun, 2015
Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s Not Sorry is killing it!

26Jun, 2015
Vinnie of Less Than Jake ranks the band’s albums… guess which record you’re going to need to get right now?

25Jun, 2015
Gentleman Blag: singer, Dwarves; writer, scathing op-eds. This time he takes down the legacy of the losers, the Confederate flag. Duke boys be damned.

24Jun, 2015
Punks In Vegas just posted a new stripped down session with Spike Slawson of Uke Hunt/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, check it out!

23Jun, 2015
NOFX Backstage Passport 2 has been added to the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival! Get your tickets now!

22Jun, 2015
Dying Scene has a killer review for the new Bad Cop/Bad Cop album! Pick it up now!

19Jun, 2015
Check out a fascinating interview with CJ Ramone about how he got into music, what it was like auditioning for the Ramones, and how his solo records came together. Go see him on tour now!

18Jun, 2015
Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s Not Sorry gets another stellar review! Go see them on tour this month.

17Jun, 2015
Read an interview with Russ Rankin of Good Riddance about their awesome new record Peace In Our Time. Canadians, see GR this weekend!

16Jun, 2015
You may get the munchies listening to Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners new playlistAlone & Stoned” from the past week.

15Jun, 2015
STRUNG OUT’s latest, Transmission.Alpha.Delta gets another killer review!

12Jun, 2015
New interview with toyGuitar! Catch them on tour starting next week!

11Jun, 2015
Ever wonder where SPIKE got his name? Check out this new interview celebrating fun facts about growing up in Pittsburgh.

09Jun, 2015
Lookout Halifax! The Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour is heading your way! Get tickets on Friday!

09Jun, 2015
Checkout these photos from last Friday at Slim’s of GOOD RIDDANCE and BAD COP/BAD COP. All photo’s by Alan Snodgrass for Digital Diversion.

08Jun, 2015
New interview with CJ RAMONE about touring, signing to FAT and his proudest memory of being a Ramone.

05Jun, 2015
Punks In Vegas interviewed PEARS during Punk Rock Bowling!

04Jun, 2015
Spike from Uke-Hunt driving around Toronto playing a ukulele, singing and ruling! They are on tour now, catch one of their shows!

02Jun, 2015
Bad Cop/Bad Cop is playing Tijuana! Watch out Mexico!

01Jun, 2015
We have a ton of bands playing The Fest 14 this year! And tickets just went on sale!

29May, 2015
Did you make it to PRB 2015? If not, Verbicide posted a show review featuring The Muffs, PEARS and Get Dead!

28May, 2015
NOFX & The DWARVES are playing Austin’s annual Fun Fun Fun Fest this November. Details here!

27May, 2015
Get your bong ready because the 4th annual Less Than Jake “Wake & Bake” will be held on September 5th & 6th in Gainesville, FL at the High Dive!

21May, 2015
Here’s a new Darius Koski review on No Depression!

20May, 2015
Guess who’s boss is on the cover of the new Big Cheese magazine? Catch his band along with Lagwagon and some 3-piece over in the UK this summer.

20May, 2015
PEARS start their tour today in Austin!

19May, 2015
CJ RAMONE is playing the 2015 Joey Ramone Birthday Bash tonight!

18May, 2015
Strung Out is playing Picnic in Pozo with Bad Religion, Misfits and more!

18May, 2015
Check out an interview with vocalist, Russ Rankin of Good Riddance.

15May, 2015
Good Riddance, Swingin’ Utters, and Masked Intruder have all been added to FAT WRECKED FOR 25 YEARS in Japan!

12May, 2015
Check out a rad Strung Out show review and interview with bassist Chris Aiken!

12May, 2015
Bay Area! Come out to the Hemlock Tavern this Friday for a great show and benefit for suicide prevention in the name of our friend David Jones.

08May, 2015
Due to extreme illness, Strung Out has been forced to cancel their show in Boston tonight. Full refunds will be issued at point of purchase.

08May, 2015
Read a cool interview with Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake about ska-punk, running, and touring with Reel Big Fish. The tour’s 2nd leg starts today!

07May, 2015
Lagwagon is one of 101 artists to listen to before you die.

07May, 2015
A.P. picks their Top 10 Fat albums of all time!

05May, 2015
This review pinpoints exactly what we love so much about Darius Koski’s debut solo album Sisu.

05May, 2015
PIttsburgh gives Strung Out’s record and show a big thumbs up!

04May, 2015
Get your tickets for Dillinger Four and the D4th of July show now!

01May, 2015
Paul McKenzie answers some questions aboot The Real McKenzies’ terrific new LP, Rats in the Burlap. Catch this clan on tour in Europe right now!

01May, 2015
Night Birds are in the studio recording their debut Fat full-length. Stoked!