NOFX, The Longest EP out today!

I was going to be funny and write a really long drawn out boring news post to commemorate release day for NOFX’s The Longest EP. Get it? Eh, I’m tired and fuck, Fat Mike says it better anyway so take a look at what he wrote below. In the meantime, here’s the gist; The Longest EP is a collection of 30 EP tracks from 1987 to 2009, plus rarities, out of print stuff and previously unreleased outtakes and it comes out today, hurray! You can listen to a full album stream compliments of AOL/Spinner by clicking here! Dan Sites, who designed the cover art for The Longest Line lent his talents to The Longest EP artwork, check it out here! You can order this release digitally, CD or on vinyl by going here.

We have a new CD that just came out called “The Longest EP”, but I am suggesting to not buy it. Instead you should go to a store and buy each individual EP. The Longest Line, Never Trust a Hippy, Cokie the Clown, Dinosaurs Will Die, The PMRC can suck on this, Regaining Unconciousness, and the many compilations that some of the songs can be found on. You should be able to buy all of them for a mere 38 bucks. Well worth it. Never mind about the two unreleased songs or the super hard to find S/M airlines 7 inch. Those songs aren’t very good anyway. Once again, don’t buy the Longest EP for $10 through Fat Wreck Chords or Interpunk. Take the $38 dollar option. Thank you, NOFX

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Though this air guitar madness has nothing to do with The Longest EP, you will thank us later.
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