Strap in; we have some pressing news to transmit. Today, we’re thrilled to reveal that Bad Astronaut VS. Armchair Martian’s War Of The Worlds will get its digital and vinyl debut! The seven-song EP was initially released in 2006 on CD only, and featured each band covering the others material. Plus, Bad Astronaut unearthed a song from that era that was never released! The bonus single, “High White Ceiling,” and the rest of the EP drops on Friday, July 29th, on any digital service provider. Wax enthusiasts, pre-order your copy now!

I have great memories from the making of this album. It was good times all around. Derrick Plourde was still very much alive. It was a long over-due reunion for the both of us and he was drumming like a champ. Bad Astronaut was relatively young and embarking on what felt like a new and creative process best exemplified by the track "Jessica's Suicide" in my opinion. Armchair Martian were close friends and we loved the idea of covering them and visa-versa. It is always interesting to hear another band's rendition of your music and Armchair Martian's style was raw and honest. This coupled with The Blasting Room's production style at the time made for a straight-shooting and natural live feel on both sides of the split -Joey Cape