Banner Pilot, Resignation Day out today! Free download of "Overwinter"

Banner Pilot’s Resignation Day is out today and you can order it on CD or vinyl by clicking here! This is a re-release, remixed and remastered by Jacques Wait (The Soviettes, Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord). Check out the two bonus songs that are out of print and hear a full album stream by clicking here! Additionally, we are giving away “Overwinter” as a free download so click here to get it right now! Take a gander at what Banner Pilot has cooking below:

"We’re stoked to get this release sounding the way we wanted it, and it feels like we’re finally able to do the songs justice. A few people who have heard it so far have said things like ‘I had no idea there was a lead in that part!’, and that’s cool to hear ’cuz we forgot some of that stuff was recorded, too!

Next up for us is Riot Fest and then a tour with our pals The Dopamines down to The Fest. Should be great. We’re working away on our next album and have about 7 songs that seem solid. Aiming to record next spring hopefully!"

Take a peek at Banner Pilot’s tour dates here!