Check out another brand new Good Riddance song & video!

Today is the day that we crush you with another ripping new Good Riddance song. Head over to Revolver Magazine to listen to “Disputatio,” lead track from Peace in Our Time, out April 21st! Vocalist Russ Rankin defines the song as “Holding on to what one believes is their truth, even in the face of opposition and ridicule.” The subject matter for their new full-length—their first in nine years—is clear: global turmoil, conflicting ideals and the oppression that corporations inflict in our daily lives are all making living in peace truly a daily exercise. We’ll be premiering their full-length next week, stay tuned for details but you’ll get a sense of the album’s momentum by listening to “Disputatio” and then “Dry Season” which you can hear over at Noisey. Don’t miss Good Riddance live, they’ll be tearing up California this month before heading to Europe to tackle Groezrock in May!