Chris Cresswell's Debut Solo Album Gets a Revamp with New Art!

Got some exciting news for you about Chris Cresswell, the frontman of The Flatliners! Remember his awesome solo debut album back in 2014 on One Week Records? Well, it's getting a second life with brand new artwork (a photo Chris took of his original framed drawing for the release!). We’ve got two special vinyl colors, then it’s classic black for everyone else. So, hit play to hear the album, then read what Chris had to share below:

It’s hard to believe that ten years ago I was headed to San Francisco to embark on what soon became one of the most memorable musical trips of my life. The previous year, I’d mentioned to Joey Cape that I had ended up with some songs that didn’t seem to fit with what The Flatliners were doing at the time, and I would annoyingly pick his brain about how he knew which pile a new idea should go to when he was juggling Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut and his solo work all at once.

A few months later he told me he was starting a label where he would produce stripped down acoustic records, and everything was to be recorded in a week. I absolutely loved the idea of using the economy of time to not allow oneself to overthink things and to get a great performance. Because I overthink everything and had always spent much longer than a week to record anything, I was very surprised when he asked if I’d want to do one. But before I knew it, I was at Joey’s home studio working on lyrics with him in the morning over coffee, recording all day and into the evening, and sleeping in the studio after 12 or so hours of magic every night. We were living and breathing the making of this record and I think it comes across in the music.

As excited as I was to make a solo album with Joey, I never really saw coming just what kind of musical quest working with him on this collection of songs would then put me on. A decade later, I can still hear the eagerness and wonder in these recordings. Here’s to ten years of One Week.