Clowns and Casefile Host Team Up for New Single!

We’re edging closer to the release date for the new CLOWNS album, Endless! It officially drops on October 20th and explores themes of mortality, immortality, and the human experience. Today’s single, “A Widow’s Son,” includes a collaboration between CLOWNS and the famously anonymous host of the popular true-crime podcast, Casefile. Despite working closely with the band, the host's identity remained a closely guarded secret, adding an element of intrigue to their collaboration. This eight-minute single is available to stream on any digital platform. To delve further into the impetus of the partnership, check out what vocalist Stevie Williams had to say below.

 Our new song, A WIDOW'S SON, is an eight-minute spaghetti western meets punk rock soundtrack, blending experimental genres we've never explored before. Narrated by the anonymous host of Casefile, it tells the story of Ned Kelly's bank robbery in Jerilderie, NSW. This project dates back to pre-pandemic times, an idea we've wanted to pursue for a long time, and we're thrilled to see it finally come to fruition. As a band always eager to push creative boundaries, it's a new direction we're excited to share.

Collaborating with the anonymous host of Casefile was a natural choice since we're all true crime enthusiasts and long-time fans of the podcast. We discovered our mutual admiration when the host started liking our Instagram photos during our tours. Despite working together, the host's identity remains a mystery to us, with no disclosure of his full name or phone number and him recording his parts remotely. He also declined giving us his full name in order to receive any royalties from collection societies.

 Another exciting collaboration was with Max Bobzin from the German punk rock band Feine Sahne Fischfilet. Having formed a friendship with the band over the years, they've become one of the biggest punk rock acts in Germany. Featuring Max on our record was a fantastic opportunity to introduce their music to our Australian and English-speaking fans worldwide, bridging language barriers and showcasing our mutual support.