CLOWNS' Explosive Album 'ENDLESS' Now Streaming on Brooklyn Vegan!

For those eagerly anticipating CLOWNS upcoming full-length album, ENDLESS, the wait is over! You can now savor the entire album by streaming it on Brooklyn Vegan. This explosive new release officially hits the shelves tomorrow and is available for pre-order.
If you missed the videos for the singles "Formaldehyde," "Thanks 4 Nothing," or "Bisexual Awakening," you can find them on our YouTube channel. Then, delve into the insights shared by the band's vocalist, Stevie Williams, regarding their latest full-length album, below:

The record, titled 'ENDLESS,' truly felt endless to make. The creative process started with spaghetti western/thrash metal riff ideas back in 2018, and rehearsals for the songs began at the end of our last album cycle in 2019. Then, of course, an imminent global pandemic didn’t help either. Being from Melbourne, the most locked-down city in the world (weird flex, I know), meant that many of the ideas were discussed over Zoom, and riffs were sent through crappy GarageBand demos with home recording gear that we hardly knew how to use. I viewed the trying times almost as a fight that I was not willing to lose. I was undyingly determined to get the riffs I was working on out into the world, and no stupid virus was going to stop me! This theme of undying determination wove itself into my subconscious and presented in the music, at first, without us realising. You’ll notice that many of the songs on the album have undertones of immortality, which eventually became the concept of 'ENDLESS.'