Clowns release final single ahead of ENDLESS

After months of releasing singles, Clowns has at last unveiled the conclusive installment leading up to their upcoming album, ENDLESS. In the new music video for "Z3r0s&0n3s," Stevie Williams, the lead vocalist of Clowns, is brought to life through an AI avatar. Immerse yourself in the digital realm below to witness his message. Then, score your ENDLESS bundle before the album’s official release on October 20th!

Attention Clowns fans, if you are reading this text, I, Stevie Williams, am dead... but never fear! My personality has been synthesized and immortalized with AI technology, and an avatar of me is available from the Fat Wreck Chords YouTube channel on our new video for the song "Z3r0s&0n3s."

Our new song Z3r0s&0n3s (pronounced zeros & ones, and made to resemble a safe password) explores the ideas of neural link technology, where motherfuckers like Elon Musk are trying to help people achieve immortality by having a microchip inserted in your brain to synthesize all your thoughts, feelings and ideas into some kind of technology that will allow you live forever in some sort of computer universe.

It's the final single from our new album ENDLESS, dropping on Oct 20, which has actually already received various awards and prizes in a lot of very important Australian music award ceremonies that you probably haven't heard of. We'll tour it soon, probably.