Dive into Strung Out's New Single and Touring News!

In the lead-up to their new album, Dead Rebellion, dropping on April 5th, Strung Out unleashes their new anthem, White Owls. The single blasts onto all digital streaming platforms today, but that’s not all! Get ready for a relentless barrage of tour dates kicking off in North America this month. Europe, you’re up next, so don’t sleep. Grab your tickets today! And now, a word of caution from vocalist Jason Cruz:

We here at Strung Out would never condone speeding or reckless driving. ‘Performing’ donuts and burnouts on your neighbor's perfectly manicured front lawn will certainly not invite you to the next barbecue. Jumping gorges, karate, kicking drywall, punching your friend in the face, and or setting furniture on fire is not only irresponsible but illegal! That being said, if any of these things happen to go down while listening to White Owls, at least you can say we warned you … fuckers.

If you happened to miss their explosive track, “New Gods,” treat yourself by visiting our YouTube channel.

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