face to face - PROTECTION - Out Today!

The wait is over! face to face’s heralded return to Fat Wreck Chords—Protection—is officially out today! You can blast their new record at The Big Takeover, Spotify or Bandcamp. When you’re done and can’t get their songs out of your head, order the record already! Trust us, or trust the tastemakers; Brooklynvegan gave it a nod in their notable releases this week. Protection is collecting stellar reviews—just read this one over at Dyingscene and another at Punknews. For further insight into the process of how they tackled writing and recording their latest opus, read this interview, and another here. Can’t get enough? You can watch their scorching new video for “Bent But Not Broken” on our Youtube Channel. Then, check out their tour dates which include a number of festivals including Musink, Groezrock, Punk Rock Bowling, and Punkspring!