Fat apprehends Masked Intruder!

APB! We’re happy (and somewhat afraid) to announce that Fat will be bringing you the self-titled debut full length from Masked Intruder. We’d love to tell you where they’re from and all that other happy stuff, but intel on these hoods is very murky. The record was originally released a couple months ago by our friends at Red Scare, but they called us in for back up. And lemme tell, it’s a real crime scene. What we do know is that these thugs have been on tour with our buds Teenage Bottlerocket and people describe their music as “Descendents meets Jersey Boys”. That’s all the leads we have for now, but the gumshoes down at Alternative Press have been on the case and have a story about the signing. So lock your doors, shutter the windows, and go pre-order the CD or LP. This is the first time this thing has been on vinyl, so pick it up if you know what’s good for ya, bub.