Fat bands in the studio!

We have a lot of great new records coming along for 2006 and all the bands happen to be in the studio right now. We must have every place booked in the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s begin with the old favorites: NOFX is presently in Japan taking a break from recording their new, as yet untitled record. This time the guys suckered Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore into helping out at Motor Studios in SF. Their new full length should be out by April. Up next is The Lawrence Arms, who are also taking a break from the record-making process to read nerdy books and play some shows with Lagwagon. The Larry’s new shit is coming out March 7th and is called Oh! Calcutta!

That’s the faves, now for an update on the future: The Loved Ones are wrapping up with Brian Mcternan and are getting ready to play a few shows “back East”. Their Fat debut Keep Your Heart comes out February 21st. Next is The Sainte Catherines who are about to commence recording with Alex Newport in their hometown of Montreal. Their first record with Fat will be titled Dancing For Decadence and is coming out in March. Also released in March will be Love Equals Death’s new album, Nightmarica, which is gonna be tracked out at the Blasting Room. They’ll also be playing shows with Pennywise and NUFAN soon too. So… how ’bout that R Kelly thing?