NOFX are currently on tour in South America with a few dates left but last night someone performed a little sleight of hand act on Fat Mike. Take a peek at what Fat Mike had to say about it:

If there ever was a good way to get mugged, I found it. Yeah, No one wants to get robbed, but if you do, I can’t think of a better way.

So, I’m walking down the streets of Buenos Aires at around 7 am looking for a bar and I stop at an intersection. I wanted to text one of our camera dudes and tell him that I was gonna wander around town for a while and maybe he wanted to film me. I pushed send and a guy on a bike accidentally knocks my I-phone out of my hand. Wait a second, he doesn’t stop and my I-phone isn’t on the ground. I look to my right and there he is, holding my phone (which has a fuck load of pictures that I don’t really want made public) with his right hand and making a pretty fast getaway. Wow! I’ve been robbed!

I kind of laugh and think, pretty sneaky. What a fucking great way to get robbed. No violence, no trauma, no chance I’m gonna run after him. Pretty sweet really. I also had a few hundred bucks in the phone case, but I would rather lose that then get held up at gunpoint or bashed in the head with a pipe. So even though I lost, I really kind of won. South America ain’t such a bad place after all.

Ps. I had a passcode lock on my phone so you didn’t get shit mother fucker! You do get points for style though. I was impressed.

NOFX are heading to Europe! Be sure to check back as more dates will be added.

28.06.10 NL Amsterdam – Melkweg
30.06.10 NOR Oslo-Sentrum Scene
01.07.10 SWE Borlänge -Love And Peace Festival
02.07.10 DK Roskilde – Festival
04.07.10 D With full force festival
07.07.10 P Warsaw – Palladuim
09.07.10 FIN Ruisrock-Festival

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