Fat Music For Riot Fest People

Hey Chicago! Fat has landed, and not from Wisconsin (heyo!). We came all the way from gorgeous San Francisco, California to bring our Fat Record Store to you! That means an EXCLUSIVE collectible record set just for you, not even available in SF! Fat Music For Riot Fest People. This is a set of three flexi-disc singles, featuring brand new songs from Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters, plus the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes’ song that’s tearing up the German charts, “Straight Up”. These aren’t your parents’ flexi-discs; these things actually sound GOOD! Each flexi is a different color, and there are TWO different sets of three colors available. Confused? Just visit our booth at Riot Fest to straighten it out and buy your set for only $10. The rad cover art below is courtesy of Black Axe-ist Horsebites, a.k.a. the drummer of None More Black.

We’ve also got an exclusive Chicago-based Fat t-shirt design PLUS a ton of rarities straight from our record store, including store exclusives, colored vinyl and new releases, not to mention super sales on some classic Fat titles on CD. So Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, go visit Pat, Vanessa, Erin, and any number of band members that drop by to hang out.