Fat Music For Wrecked People - Punk Rock Holiday & Brakrock 2018

It’s that time of year again, when we jaunt over to Europe for festival season! We’ll be starting the party at Brakrock Ecofest in Belgium; then we head to Punk Rock Holiday for a full week of fun. We get to check out killer bands, including six of our own, and enjoy all the shenanigans the festivals have to offer. One year we even went white water rafting with NOFX and the Descendents! That’s the beauty of Punk Rock Holiday lasting so long…you just have no idea what’s coming your way. So, if you want to go kayaking with Bad Cop/Bad Cop, or zip-line through the trees with the Lillingtons, you should stop by our booth and plan an activity. This year, we are bringing an exclusive, super limited, 11-song 10” comp for the festivals, with different covers for each fest, and two brand new songs on it! Artwork for both releases was created by Sbam! In addition to the exclusive comps, we’ll have a bunch of vinyl titles, three new Euro Record Store exclusives (all limited to less than 100), plus some cool new merch for you. See ya in Belgium & Slovenia!