Fat to release next S.F.H. album!

You heard it right, we’re reuniting with the Star Fucking Hipsters for their next release! All is cool with Alternative Tentacles but these drifters like to move around, and we’re stoked to have them. This marks their third proper full length and we’re looking for a fall release. Stay tuned for details, and check out what Sturgeon had to say below:

On the eve of detention:
S.F.H. destined to make Star Fucking History. All basic tracks & Nico vox have been tracked at Motor studios earlier this year with prolific drummer/singer/song-writer Mikey Erg! (from every band you’ve ever heard of…) & full on guest spots by the likes of Boots Riley from The Coup, Blackbird Raum from Santa Cruz & Intro5pect from So. Cal. Recording S.F.H.‘s highly anticipated Vol.III for Fat records (en?)titled “From the Dumpster to the Grave” will recommence at the end of May with new addition to the band Kelsey from the Oakland/Vallejo “super-group” Chump-Change! Expect at least 13 tracks of “Bubble-Gum Crust” & “Crack Rock Steady-isms”. At least four ska tunes says band talking head “Sturgeon/Stza Crack”. More guests’ TBA & a fall release to be sure. Expect art from Fly, Eric Drooker, Beau Coulon, Alyssa Tanchaka & Paul Barron to name a few. S.F.H. love & want to sex you all up unless you’re under-age in which case they will “wait” until your 18th birthday (16 in Europe…).