Fat Wreck Chords box set is out today!

Get your hands on our Fat Wreck Chords box set by clicking here! The smartly titled, Wrecktrospective contains 3 glorious discs chock-full of entertaining stories provided by the bands, and a fold out poster; just like the ones you hung on your wall when you were a kid. Is that too retro for you? Well, we are celebrating 20 years of nonstop hit records and finally have put together this fine Fat Wreck Chords box set just in time for the holidays. Here is a rundown of what you can find on each disc: The first is a greatest hits of Fat, featuring 33 bands. The second, 28 previously unreleased demos! Finally, the third disc is the extremely limited Fat Club 7” series in its entirety, previously unavailable on cd. Enjoy!

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