Buy direct! Save money! Support the punx!

As per usual at Fat Wreck Chords, we’re staying ahead of the trends. Music not on plastic or vinyl discs? Interesting. We thought we should get in on the ground floor of this new technology. Oh wait, shit. Well, better late than never: it’s official, the Fat Wreck Chords Digital Store is open for business.


- Quality: All of our mp3’s are ripped at 320 kbps using a top quality encoder.

- Price: Our digital albums are only $8, and EP’s at least a buck less than anyone else

- Physical+Digital: When you order a record or CD, you get an instant download with it

- Rarities: Lots old singles & EP’s available digitally for the first time, not available elsewhere

- Exclusives: In the future, we’ll have exclusive releases & bonuses!

Last but not least, no longer will a merciless child-labor employing corporate monolith be taking a bite out of the fruits of your labor; your money is going directly into Fat Mike’s wallet… which he uses to put out new records from bands you love, pay those bands, pay the Fat staff and of course, buy beer.

So have a look around and pick up that Horace Pinker 7" you’ve been meaning to buy for years.