FAT'S 25 YEAR VINYL SERIES #3 - Lagwagon!

All aboard the 25-year anniversary vinyl series! Next up in this train of classics is none other than the iconic HOSS by the almighty Lagwagon! You can pre-order the limited colored vinyl, with a foil accented cover, right now. It is also available in a bundle with a T-shirt of the super OG classic Lagwagon logo! We expect to ship the vinyl in December.

Joey Cape, Lagwagon’s singer/song-writer, had this to say about the making of the record:

"Hoss" was a transitional album for Lagwagon. We had extensive touring under our belts and for the first time we were comfortable exploring our sound. The band shared love for many styles of music. We were getting bored but transforming. As a songwriter, I wanted to diversify. The change was minor of course, but significant to the development of our signature and identity. 

"Hoss" was the first record we made with producer, Ryan Greene. We had a slightly bigger budget and Ryan pushed us harder than we were used to. He was tough and we needed that. We worked well together. We recorded at a studio owned by the great Max Norman called "Fat Planet.” Max had produced some early Rock and Metal albums that we loved. We were stoked but there were looming issues. 

The album was rough to get through. Lagwagon was on the verge of some big changes and setbacks. We lost two members of the band in the the years that followed. I appreciate that album and have fond memories of the time but, there are scars too.