Fest 17 Comp and Contest

The spookiest time of year is fast approaching, and we ain’t talkin’ ghouls and goblins either. Something far scarier is lurking around the corner…Fest! Grown men in jorts, tattoos of burritos on bicycles, and, of course, all those damn beards. Don’t worry, children. We’ll be there to hold your hand. And while we may not have much in the way of “tricks,” we’re certainly gonna be bringin’ the “treats!” We’re packing our annual Fat Music for Fest People 10inch, along with a bunch of other rare vinyl, which you can grab at both the Pre-Fest and Fest flea markets. There’s a ton of Fat Wreck Chords bands playing again this year too, so get your schedule sorted out early.

Additionally, be on the lookout for Fat Wreck Chords co-owner Erin. This will be her first Fest, so be nice to her! Post a photo with her, hashtag it #EdaggersFirstFest, and you’ll be entered to win a special copy of our Fest 10" signed by Lagwagon and the boss lady herself. She’ll pick the winner…so, you know, make sure you get a good angle.