"Flurry Rush," Days N Daze shares new video!

One of our stellar releases this year was Days N’ Daze' debut FAT full-length, Show Me The Blueprints. If you missed it, rest easy, because it is streaming on all platforms and available physically via our webstore.  

In the meantime, we’ll get you started with a brand-new video for the opening track, “Flurry Rush.” Created by the legends over at Bean Emerald Productions, you can check out their Claymation video via our YouTube channel below. Guitarist/vocalist, Jesse Sendejas, had the following to share about the origins of the song: 

"Flurry Rush is the first track off of our latest release, Show Me The Blueprints. When I wrote it, I was mentally goin' through this odd period, during which I was experiencing these sudden, unprovoked shifts in mood and thought. Like one minute, it would feel like everything was doomed, and the next, I'd be on top of the world. Kinda just wanted to get some thoughts outta my head and onto paper, while also tryin' to get across that feeling of rocketing back and forth between soul-crushing lows n mountain peak highs. I definitely feel like I accomplished the former. If I nailed the latter goal is up to you, I spose."