Frank Turner transforms NOFX's "Falling in Love" with new single

The luring Frank Turner cover of NOFX’s, “Falling in Love,” is out everywhere tomorrow; but today, you can hear it a day early via Flood Magazine! Press play, and you may not recover from his version, which really drives home the lyrics of Fat Mike’s foray into writing a love song. To find out more about why Frank Turner chose this song for the split, read below: 

When Mike asked me to do a covers split with NOFX, I was blown away, and immediately knew that one of the songs I'd do would be 'Falling In Love.' I've long thought it was one of his best compositions; it's a beautiful lyric and melody, and I wanted to come at the song in a way that would lay that bare and highlight the beauty of the writing. I think it came out pretty good. 



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