Frenzal Rhomb Smoko At The Pet Food Factory out today via ITUNES! PREORDER CD/LP NOW!

You’ve probably spent many sleepless nights wondering what happened to Australia’s most popular punks Frenzal Rhomb. Have they gone on walkabout? Were they lost in the Outback? Were they attacked by Russell Crowe? Well, worry no longer. It turns out they’ve been hard at work in the safe confines of the Blasting Room, under the watchful eye of the legendary Bill Stevenson, churning out their 8th full-length album Smoko at the Pet Food Factory. What’s more, Fat and Frenzal have reunited (and it feels so good) to release this epic collection of 16 balls-to-the-wall, tongue in cheek, catchy punk rock songs!
“When will I be able to get Smoko At the Pet Food Factory?”, you ask. How about today? Does that work for you? That’s right, the album is available on iTunes today!! The physical version on both cd and vinyl will also be available on October 11th , but you can preorder both versions NOW!

Check out the cover art (and try to figure out what on earth the album title means) below, listen to a few tracks and watch (below) a punk rock homage to Alfred Hitchcock from their first single “Bird Attack”! (Tippi Hedren, eat your heart out!)