Get Dead's Letters Home available on vinyl, now!

We’re full of good news lately, and today is no different. Get Dead is finally getting their beloved album, Letters Home, pressed on wax! Plus, these beauties are in our warehouse and ready to ship immediately! So, grab yours while supplies last. If vinyl isn’t your thing, no sweat. You can spin this album from start to finish on their Bandcamp page. Next, explore what vocalist Sam King had to say about this recording, why they can’t shake being billed as an acoustic folk-punk band, and more:

We recorded letters home “the acoustic record“ when we first formed Get Dead. It was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, 2009. Josh Garcia, our original drummer, worked there, so we had an in. We recorded acoustic because we didn’t have money to book the studio proper, so it had to be done quickly and dirty. FAT cherry-picked that record and a couple of Eps we had for our debut release: Bad News. This started our long and still ongoing battle with promoters, bookers, and reviewers billing us as an acoustic folk-punk band, even though we have only played 4 actual acoustic shows in the course of ten years. Had we known that we would have to deal with explaining this repeatedly to people, especially the Germans, we would’ve done the same thing. A small novel could be written about the making of this record, the all-night sessions, and the chaos of the Tenderloin.

When asked for this quote, it was the first I heard of it being re-released... I wrote a one-sentence quote that never got sent due to bad reception. Which is cool cause it made me actually think about that time and how crazy it was. It’s not a polished record by a long shot, and there’s some freestyle lyrics scattered throughout. It has its charm, I guess. My initial quote I was going to send still stands, though: After years of trying to shake this wild narrative that we are some sort of Celtic acoustic punk band, we finally get shot some bail with Dancing With A Curse, and then here comes this old bullshit. Tight.

Enjoy! Sammy