Good Riddance Remain in Memory - The Final Show out now + back catalog sale

On May 27th of 2007 Good Riddance played their last show ever to a sold out crowd in their hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. Being one of Fat’s longest running bands, we thought it only proper to document the evening in the form of a LIVE RECORD. The set list reads more like a greatest hits album, mixing the best of the band’s 12+ year career and touching on favorites from each of their seven full lengths on Fat, EP’s and 7"s. The final product truly captures the energy present in the room that night and is a perfect final chapter for Good Riddance. We posted the third and final mp3 from the record here and we are running a BIG SALE on their back catalog releases. This band is single-handedly responsible for kick-starting Floyd’s acting career and we are going to miss them. Singer, Russ Rankin, had these comments about the release:

On a hectic day in late May 2007 one of the most exhausting and exhilarating chapters in my life came to a close. We’d played San Diego the previous night and with a set list of almost 30 songs, my voice was starting to go on strike. We had to be at the venue in Santa Cruz early for extra sound checks due to the live recording so I found myself leaving my hotel room in Hollywood around 6:00am for the 6 hour drive north. I was exhausted (hadn’t gotten back to Hollywood after the San Diego show until about 3:00am the previous night) and very concerned about my voice. After a whirlwind load-in and soundcheck the show finally got underway. As was expected the guest list was a nightmare and we weren’t happy about the barricade in front of the stage but the show ended up going off just about as flawlessly as one could hope for. As the last note of the final song echoed and decayed into the still, night air I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for what we were able to achieve and experience during the band’s career. It was an emotional moment for me and it served to punctuate an unforgettable evening and a bittersweet event for the band and thousands of our fans. All I can say is “Thank You” to everyone who supported us through the years and I hope you enjoy this documentation of our final show.





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