Holiday Mailorder Deadline!!!

We know that your arms are probably tired from putting people in headlocks in order to get a Playstation 3 and thoroughly and properly ignore your family for the holidays but we wanted to tell you about some end of the year happenings here at Fat. We will be closing for the holidays so any orders placed in the webstore after December 12th most likely won’t be shipped out until after we get back in January. Also, we are having a massive holiday t-shirt and sweatshirt sale. It’s a good time to order now because most of our shirts and sweatshirts will soon be discontinued! Lastly, we are cranking away on our online winter rarities bonus player and we should be able to post that soon. It will feature previously unreleased and rare tracks from NOFX, Strike Anywhere, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Lagwagon, etc. as well as brand new songs from Only Crime, Smoke or Fire, Leftover Crack and many more. Now you won’t have to listen to that horrible song about that total pile of crap snowman and his COAL EYES. Come on man, the world’s global temperature is rising and this guy still wants to use a fossil fuel for eyes? Outrageous!!! Don’t get me started about his pesticide-ridden, genetically-engineered nose either. It’s selfish if you ask me.