Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish Deadline split CD comes out today! Fat Mike soils himself.

With our new Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish split CD coming OUT today and the lying Scooter Libby soon to be IN jail, I smell sweet justice in the air! To celebrate, I think you should go check out both bands on the Citizen Crack US tour which just kicked off this past weekend. Show up early and don’t miss Witch Hunt! We have already released four songs off the split but we included the link below to listen to the entire cd before you buy it.


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The Down Under Part Two: A few funny things that happened whilst in New Zealand and Australia. In Perth, I tore my calf muscle on stage after someone threw something wooden at me (I think it may have been a boomerang) and I wont be able to walk for a month. Gordy from Frenzal Rhomb did a stage dive while we were playing in Melbourne and tripped and flew head first into the barricade. If that wasn’t bad enough, a bouncer then put him in a choke hold and dragged him out of the club. That wasn’t quite as funny as when Jason, the singer of Frenzal, did a stage dive during our set a few years ago and broke his collar bone. In Tasmania, about 15 boys and girls got naked and began jogging and doing cartwheels outside after the show. Not as funny as when Eric Melvin shit his pants on the way to the airport thinking it was just a fart. Not as funny as when I had to really go pee on stage in Wellington, but since I couldn’t walk from the boomerang injury and the bathroom was very far away, I just wet my pants. Funny thing about peeing your pants is that the pee flows down your leg and your shoes get full of pee too. Then the next day when you forgot about peeing your pants, you remember when you put your shoes on in the morning. Then all day long it feels like you got bologna in your shoes. Kinda funny. FM