Listen to a brand new CJ Ramone song!

Today, listen to the first single off the upcoming CJ Ramone full-length, American Beauty. “Moral to the Story” is streaming in two places. Germany: has you covered. Everyone else: head over to Brooklynvegan. American Beauty is CJ’s third solo album and was recorded with the stellar backing band of Steve Soto (Adolescents), Dan Root (Adolescents), and Pete Sosa (Street Dogs). Out March 17th, the 12-song effort percolates with the spirit of ‘76 and a sound and style true to the Ramones. Check out CJ’s upcoming tour dates, with many more to be announced shortly. Then, read what the man himself had to say about the song:

“I started to write this song as a tribute to friends I’ve lost over the years. Instead, it turned into a lesson on dealing with loss and the fact that they aren’t really gone as long as I remember them and keep their memories alive.”