Listen to a brand new Strung Out song!

Strung Out’s most recent album, last year’s incredible Transmission.Alpha.Delta — a truly cohesive album from front to back — raised the bar for melodic, metallic punk rock. Creating an album of songs that all work together can often mean that great songs are left behind…not because they didn’t make the cut, but because they didn’t fit the album’s vibe. “Crows” is one such song. Leaning on Strung Out’s knack for melodic guitar lines and catchy choruses, “Crows” recalls the poppier moments of the band’s catalog and deserves to be slotted in right next to classics like “Paperwalls” or “Swan Dive.” Go listen to “Crows” right now over at Alternative Press! Strung Out kicks off their massive fall tour today! Don’t miss it.

Guitarist, Jake Kiley: “We wanted to save this one to hold you guys over while we work on a new album that we plan to record next year, looking forward to working it into the setlist! See you all on our upcoming tour with Pennywise!”