Listen to a new Bad Cop/Bad Cop song!

Get ready to get your heart moving because today we have a brand new song from Bad Cop/Bad Cop! Dyingscene is premiering the second single, “Sugarcane,” an explosive fast-paced ode to rise up and move on from your oppressors, especially ones that call themselves your boyfriend. So in the song where Stacey sings, “I’ll use a fucking hammer on his face,” well that’s part of the true story told in the song! Produced by Fat Mike, Bad Cop/Bad Cop’s debut album Not Sorry comes out on June 16th, but you can order your copy today or for those in the Bay Area, you can pick up the album from the band at their shows opening for Good Riddance tonight in San Francisco and tomorrow in Santa Cruz! You’ll be able to see them pumping Not Sorry out in its entirety on their upcoming record release tour and again in August when they’ll be jumping on the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years tour!