Listen to a new MakeWar song now!


The second new tune from MakeWar is available on all digital platforms today! You heard us right, we’ve been getting hit from all sides about releasing another song, and we heeded the call!  Bounce over to our YouTube page, or Spotify to listen to their latest single, “Sails.” Their full-length, Get It Together, drops on November 1st, and is available for pre-order now! We know you’re drowning in anticipation, so go catch them live on their current tour with Lagwagon and face to face!

For a deeper dive into “Sails,” read what vocalist/guitarist, Jose Prieto had this to say about it:

“Sails is probably the happiest song I’ve ever written. It’s about two people in love. They are both dealing with the daily grind, making ends meet, and dreaming about just quitting it all and escaping on a sailboat. Living life at sea. They deal with their daily grinds in different ways, together. It’s about doing what you love and not what you are supposed to, with a person that you love and supports you no matter what and vice versa. Life is a sailboat, and sometimes you need someone to steer the boat and someone to move the sail. You can do it alone. But it’s way more fun to do it together.”