Listen to a new MEAN JEANS song! Pre-order now!

We are only two weeks away from the April 22nd release of Mean Jeans’ third full-length and first for FAT, Tight New Dimension! Pre-Order it now! We’ve been partying to this radical record for weeks, a nice perk granted to us after sharing Jäger bombs with the band at SXSW! Today however, it’s more of a “pour one out for…” than a “slam one down” occasion, as Mean Jeans declare their adoration for ‘80s pop stars in “Michael Jackson Was Tight.” Go listen to this tribute at Noisey, soak up the nostalgia and the guitar lead of the year! Hey Jeans Wilder, why Michael Jackson?

“I was sitting poolside a few years ago sipping a Surge tallboy and listening to Billy Ocean. I was thinking about how cool he is and then I started thinking about another fantastic musician from the same era: Michael Jackson. It dawned on me that nobody had really written a song in his honor since he passed away in 2009. Everybody knows he was tight, why is no one singing about it? We sing about it.”

Go see Mean Jeans’ live starting next week, on tour with NOFX and Direct Hit!