Listen to Darius Koski (Swingin' Utters) release now!

Swingin’ Utters guitarist and songwriter Darius Koski has dropped a new release today, titled, Off With Their Heads! If you loved What Was Once Is By And Gone as much as we did, you’ll be delighted to know that these two songs are lifted from that recording session. The best part about this news is that you can hear the entire release right now on your preferred digital service. Additionally, we pressed this into some premium vinyl, and it’s available to ship immediately from our webstore! Check out what Darius Koski had to say below: 

Both of the songs on this single are outtakes from the last record, both of them with sparser arrangements than most of the other stuff. Some of the lyrics in Off With Their Heads get a little silly near the end—I think I was watching a lot of Game of Thrones, and got a little cheeky. My Every Notion is something I wrote nearly 30 years ago and have always wanted to do something with.