Listen to Fat Mike Gets Strung Out NOW!

Fat Mike Gets Strung Out is set to release this Friday, but today, you have the chance to listen to the entire album ahead of schedule. Head over to Flood to enjoy it right now! Additionally, mark your calendars for two upcoming live performances of Fat Mike Gets Strung Out – the first in Bakersfield, CA, on October 12, and the second in Los Angeles, CA, on October 15. In anticipation of the album's release, Fat Mike shared some insights about his creative journey:

Am I defiant or simply drawn to crafting music that breaks new ground? I'm not entirely sure... What I do know is that creating this album brought me pure joy. I finally had the chance to experience NOFX songs in their unadulterated essence. No roaring guitars, no thundering drums, no grating vocals... Just the beautiful execution of the progressions and melodies I penned, skillfully performed by incredibly talented musicians who can read music! I take immense pride in this record, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next one. Making music has become a truly enjoyable adventure once more!