Listen to the new NOFX album now!

NOFX’s new album, First Ditch Effort, comes out this Friday! The album arrives just months after the release of their New York Times best-selling autobiography, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, and it’s no coincidence that the two are intertwined. As Fat Mike explains, “This album is more personal than anything I’ve ever done before, because once we put everything out there in the book, it opened all of these doors as far as what I want to sing about.” So go to Consequence of Sound now and listen to the album in its entirety! In case you missed it, go to the FAT YouTube channel and watch the Funny or Die-produced video for “Oxy Moronic.” Pre-order your copy today! Then, catch them on tour with label-mates, PEARS and Useless ID this November!