Maimed for the Masses out today!

NIGHT BIRDS’ brand new EP Maimed for the Masses is out today and you can order it here! These guys are making the most of their year with no signs of slowing down. We’ve already premiered “Maimed for the Masses” and these East Coast surf punks have their entire EP streaming over at Alternative Press right here, right now. AP also included a nice run down from vocalist Brian Gorsegner like this fine quote “We have all chipped plenty of teeth, gotten bruised up, sliced up, even a busted rib along the way. There is something about that 30 minutes when you’re playing where your well being just doesn’t seem to matter.” We love existentialism. So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy, check their tour dates, and get ready for their upcoming full length; Born to Die in Suburbia, to be released by Grave Mistake Records on July 9th!

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