MEAN JEANS -Jingles Collection - out February 16!

It looks like Mean Jeans buckled down over the holidays and whipped up a whole record featuring 23 jingles! Punk’s history of shilling for companies dates back to the Ramones writing three songs for Steel Reserve, and the Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten hamming it up in a butter commercial. In a single weekend, the band wrote and recorded the Jingles Collection, an album that transforms commercial jingles into high art.

Billy Jean elaborates, “We’ve abandoned the previous direction of the band. No one needs to hear another three-chord, pop-punk record about partying. What they need are some sick jingles. We are a jingles band now.”

Out February 16, and available now for pre-order, the Jingles Collection includes everything from Sizzler to Hot Pockets to Applebee’s. Check out the below links to get acquainted with the jingles that started it all and if you can, catch them live, as they’ll be on tour with Dirty Fences later this month!

Coors Light

Mountain Dew