Morning Glory EP out today!

MORNING GLORY’s new 7" “Born to December” is out today! The a-side is culled from last year’s full length, Poets Were My Heroes and is backed with two songs exclusive to this EP, and you can order it now! Ezra, singer for Morning Glory had this to say, “While Born is a 6 ½ minute epic, the two B-sides are never-before-heard rockers which were tracked during the same sessions in early 2012.” Lucky for you we’re streaming the entire EP over at New Noise Magazine AND running a contest! If you missed their also-epic video for “Born to December”, you can watch it right here. Check out what’s been going on in the Morning Glory camp from bassist Metal Chris:

Our first European tour ended a few weeks ago and we saw there was so much fun to be had that we found ourselves poring over maps, making all kinds of plans for more places to play. We realized we were only scratching the surface of some wild touring. Then unexpectedly though perhaps fortuitously, our drummer departed, which has briefly anchored us here in New York City. This is where we take a deep breath, cough out some black stuff and get back to work in the studio to finish up the new material we’ve been writing. I’m not ashamed to say it’s some damn good stuff. Hold tight, we’ll be pulling those maps out soon enough.