Morning Glory-Poets Were My Heroes out August 28th!

We’re excited to announce that Morning Glory’s debut Fat full length, Poets Were My Heroes, will be released on August 28th! Picture the sonic kaleidoscope of punk noise meeting strings, horns, choirs, pianos and organs over a web of distorted guitars and marching, single kick pedal drums. These are the sounds that make up Poets Were My Heroes, Morning Glory’s first full-length album recorded with a live band. Fat Mike had this to say about the record: “I heard the new album and loved it. It’s done so well. Great songs, very eclectic and very well written and thought out. I am very stoked to put it out.” Stay tuned for tour dates and read what band founder & songwriter Ezra Kire had to say about the record:

“This is by far the best record to date and is miles above our previous stuff. Every song on this record is a brilliant tune and is sequenced in a manner which gives a rise-fall-rise feel to the whole album. It was undoubtedly made to be listened to in its entirety. We had a lot of fun making it and were thinking about the live shows we’d be playing on the tours. On this album we’re beginning to find our own voice and much of the material is very personal. In short these tunes all come from the heart and that’s what makes this record inspiring, believable and worth picking up. Personally speaking, this is the best shit we’ve ever done and we can’t wait to get out and tour it.”