MORNING GLORY - Poets Were My Heroes - out today!

Ten years on from Morning Glory’s formation, founder Ezra Kire began writing what would become Poets Were My Heroes. And after spending the past year preparing, recording, mixing and waiting, Morning Glory’s first full-band, full-length album is finally out! So how did Morning Glory end up on Fat? Of course we knew of them as Ezra’s (from Leftover Crack and Choking Victim) band, but since they didn’t regularly record or tour, we were surprised when Fat Mike came in singing the praises of their new record. After he played it for us, we were pensive—not sure what we thought of this punk outfit with piano, strings and softer, emotional songs. But true to form, Fat Mike’s knack for recognizing great music panned out again, and we were hooked. The record is a grower, and it stems from the music being a little outside the usual punk rock stomping ground. An easy (but somewhat lazy) comparison is The Clash’s Sandinista! record with its expansive sound and instrumentation, though the songwriting on Poets is more focused. And even as a double album, it never veers off course or loses the listener over its 49 minutes. So give it a listen, and order your copy on vinyl, CD or digital here.

Listen to the final (and unlisted) track from the album, “Care of Me”. Then read what Ezra had to say about this sweet little number below – it may surprise you what these tough, gritty New York punks are capable of under the tattoos and spikes.

Morning Glory – Care of Me by Fat Wreck Chords

“This was a quickly written song which I played live in the studio one day. It’s sort of the “Travel On” of this record (for those who owned No Time To Sleep). I’m pretty sure it was more or less on the strength of this song that Mike agreed to release the entire record, God bless him. This is a song that should be sung mainly during periods of high intoxication. Preferably clustered around a piano with a group of other drunkards, in some dimly lit bar setting."