DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES? Is it raining tacos? Do you wish you went on tour with Weezer as Nerf Herder did? The career of these affable pop-punk titans is enough to make your head spin. Did you know they wrote the god damn theme song to Buffy The Vampire Slayer?!? Honestly, Nerf Herder is a band that just keeps on giving and today is no different. With a world burning at the stake, we are lucky that Nerf Herder has created the perfect distraction with their brand new single, “We All Got COVID! (Except For Linus).” You can STREAM 240 seconds of pure pop-punk perfection on all digital platforms right NOW! Check out what frontman Parry Gripp had to say about the song below:

“This is a song where we recorded the music a few years ago before the pandemic and has been sitting around waiting for lyrics,” reveals chief Herder Gripp. “And then COVID happened and we got COVID. And I'm like, 'Boom! Let me just make this song really fast.’ I recorded the vocals while I had COVID. Within three days after [recording] the thing, we were just going to release it. And then we thought, 'Let's release it through FAT.'"

Because we all need some good news for a change, “We All Got COVID! (Except for Linus),” is an appetizer for more Herder activity. On June 24th, we’ll be reissuing the band’s third album, 2002’s American Cheese, on vinyl and digitally. Previously released on Honest Don’s, and featuring such smudged gems as “Mr. Spock” and “Welcome To My World,” Cheese is a SoCal talisman no pop-punk practitioner should be without (especially with the inclusion of seven digital-only bonus tracks).