New American Steel MP3 available for download, and Fat Mike tells the ugly truth about NOFX's latest comp contribution!

American Steel have posted the first track from their upcoming release, Dear Friends Gentle Hearts, out July 21st. Ring in the summer with this rousing, raucous tune, “Emergency House Party”. The band suggests some recommended listening activities right here.

NOFX are featured on The Warped Tour comp out on Side One Dummy. You can get your copy here, but you may want to hear what Fat Mike had to say about the wheelings and dealings that went into the “business negotiations” first:

Hi everyone, here’s what happened: some people at Side One Dummy Records asked NOFX to be on the cover of the Warped Tour comp. We said “NO!” . Then they sent over some “Comp”-romising photos from our last trip to Japan that no one really needs to see. So we let them use a picture of me and Hefe for the cover. A week goes by and I get a call from them again. This time they want an unreleased song for the comp. I told them to go to hell. Then they sent over more photos. The next day NOFX went into the studio and recorded a new song for them. They liked it so much they only charged me $10,000 for the remainder of the photos. Thanks guys. You’re the best! Fat Mike

OMG, Mike, TMI!!!