New Bombpops song!

Today, Brooklynvegan is premiering a brand new Bombpops song: “Be Sweet.” Culled from their debut full-length, Fear of Missing Out (out this Friday), this infectious song is what The Bombpops are all about. “Be Sweet” holds a special place for The Bombpops, as the lyrics were written by their dear friend, the late Brandon Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket. Here’s what vocalist/guitarist Jen Razavi had to say about how the song developed:

Back in 2010, we were partying in a hotel room with Brandon and Ray Carlisle. There was a guitar in the room, and Brandon was showing us an idea he had for a song. He had written it for his wife, but he told us we should play it and change the lyrics to “getting rad with my boyfriend.” He wrote down all the lyrics on 4 sheets of hotel notepad paper. Since then, the melody and the chord progression were forgotten, but I still had the lyrics. We wrote the song in the studio and used every single lyric that Brandon had written down. The song is an homage to Brandon and Teenage Bottlerocket. Our producer, Chris Fogal, had the idea to title the song “Be Sweet,” as that was Brandon’s saying. We’re really thrilled this song made the record. Brandon was an outstanding friend to us, and we miss him dearly.

The Bombpops are kicking off a flurry of record release shows this Friday. If you’re able, grab a copy from them in the flesh, or order your copy today!