Friends, we made it through a week of quarantine, and lucky for us, The Bombpops have a new video. We don’t want to spoil the fun, so let’s just say, it’s KILLER! The third single, “Zero Remorse,” is lifted off their latest effort, Death in Venice Beach, and is available for your streaming pleasure on all digital service providers.

The song “Zero Remorse” is a twisted fantasy about living dangerously and getting in too deep. Being in a band is kinda like that! There’s a risqué element and a gang mentality to being in a band. Once you’re in, you’re in for life, and you have each other’s backs. For this video, we pulled inspiration from classic pulp films and created our own world and characters to live vicariously through. Now more than ever is a time for everyone to use their imaginations and immerse themselves in stories and fantasies to escape, if only for a few minutes. Love, The Bombpops.